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"If you know the way broadly then you see it in all things." -Musashi
Its not a plan, a workout, or even an idea.
It's the way.
The way you perceive things, see the world, and adjust your understanding.
We do not all see the same things.
We see what our mind believes.
A connect the dots of the kaleidoscope of life.
Think negatively and thats what you will see.
Think positively and aint gonna be easy.
But thats perception too. Our easy is not yours. Our hard, not yours.
But if you see the way, then you see it in everything.
Put the shopping cart back, hold the door open for the next person, and let that car in the lane.
It doesn't have to be hard. Lifes already hard enough.
Live happy, live free, and do the work.
Laugh dammit. We're having too much fun not to.
-Train or Die

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