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I was working in the garage and outside. It's the fun part of Texas summer. 94 degrees with a feels like of 104. After an hour my 5 year old son came outside.
He asked "can I help?"
Sure buddy.
I told him we had to load all of Dad's stuff into my truck.
"Firefighter stuff?"
Yeah dude.
"Why is there so much?"
Because Dad works a few firefighter jobs to support us.
"Oh. On the big ladder?"
Yeah, and a few other places, teaching.
He then asked something that surprised me. When I asked him if he wanted to carry my boots, gloves, or bag....
He pointed at my piglet. "Is that going to the truck?"
Yeah man.
"I can carry that."
It's heavy.
"I can do it."
Why do you want the heavy thing? Take the gloves they're lighter.
"Its heavy. I want to do it."
He picked it up and found out how heavy it was.
"Can I drag it?"
You do whatever you gotta do Lil' Homie.
My son just taught me a valuable lesson.
Help those who need it.
Help the way you can.
Help by taking away some of their burden.
Always forward, always moving.
-Train or Die

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