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You know why water comes out of the nozzle when you open the bale?
Because that’s what you put in the tank. EVERYDAY! If you filled your tank up with piss guess what would come out? For some that tank has dried up and water hasn’t been added in a while. Guess what is going to come out when they are called upon.
When the heart rate rises, the situational awareness diminishes, and stress rises; the only thing that is going to come out is what’s in the tank. If nothing has been added to the tank lately, or the tank has not been tested; a magical transformation will not occur! Nothing will come out! Not even what the tank saw on the internet! Whatever has physically added to the tank through work, is what’s coming out.
The funny thing about the tank is it cannot be seen. Only what comes out of it can. But you swore an oath that the tank would always stay full and when they needed it the most the best would come out. You can drive around for awhile with an empty tank but eventually you will be required to use it.
So when you top off the water tank, make sure you add something to your tank. 1 rep a day is 365 reps in a year.
Always forward, always moving.
-Train or Die

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