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Your house is on fire.
YOUR house.
The one with all your prized processions in it...most of all your family.
Sadly, you're out of town, hunting trip.
The first in pumper pulls up.
Good news, its staffed with an officer and three firefighters.
One brand new rookie. Good kid, listens, cooks well and cleans toilets even better.
A "senior" firefighter with 5 years on the job. He made it through his probationary year, barely.
The driver likes his job. It's easy, he doesn't have to wear gear, and gets to jack with the rookie.
But the officer, Hell yeah. Scored #1 on the test the first attempt. He doesn't like traveling to train, too busy. Besides if the fire department wanted him to know that stuff they would send him.
All super good dudes.
Most likely these folks are at every fire department in the country. Not bad people, just unknowing.
They don't know what they don't know.
Make sure you tell them they're wrong! Right to their face at the kitchen table.
Whooooaaaa, hold up Killer. Thats a terrible action plan.
Humble yourself first.
Go do some work.
Invite them.
If it's so important to you then justify it.
"Hey fellas, there a really good fire class in the city. Wanna split a room? I'll buy the first round at the bar."
"Excuse me Chief, I won a ticket to this seminar,, do you think the department could help me with the travel?"
"Hello Beautiful, theres a really cool fire conference AT THE BEACH! Wanna go? My parents will watch the kids and you can enjoy the hotel pool the few hours I'm in class."
Be a force multipler.
Not the asshole that is smarter than everyone else.
Humility goes a long way.
Or keep learning the same thing from the same folks the same way.
Nothing every changes right?
Good luck.
Always forward, always moving.
-Train or Die

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